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Natalie Duncan - Live in Concert


SOHO A GO GO - An In Conversation with Darren Coffield & Lilian Pizzichini  
At the Century Club - Soho W1

Tuesday the 6th June 2023 from 7 pm

At the age of thirteen I discovered Soho and it’s been a downhill struggle ever since’
Jeffrey Bernard

Join us for a fascinating journey into the heart of Soho with acclaimed artist and writer Darren Coffield and biographer Lilian Pizzichini. A magnet to poets, artists, prostitutes, bookmakers, bohemians, bums, tap room philosophers, crooks and cranks, free thinkers and filmmakers, musicians and drinkers, and refugees of all persuasions, Soho has always been as much a state of mind as a physical location. With the author Travis Elborough, Darren and Lilian will recall an older, madder, badder (if possibly also better) Soho.

Coffield, author of Tales from the Colony Room – Soho's Lost Bohemia, has a deep personal connection to Soho, having spent many years living and working in the area. He will share his unique perspective on the neighborhood's evolution over time.

Pizzichini, an award-winning biographer and historian, will bring her extensive knowledge of London's cultural history to the conversation. She has written extensively on the lives of some of Soho's most colourful and controversial characters, including Mariella Novotny, the London call girl turned novelist turned agent provocateur who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair, and the bibulous novelist Jean Rhys.

Tickets £12 - please click here to purchase


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