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Giving Offence


A Comedy Night
At the Century Club - Soho W1

Friday the 22nd September 2023 - Doors @ 7:30 pm / Show starts @ 8 pm

Get ready for a night of unscripted laughter. Soho’s new comedy night, The League of Improv, is back at the Century with a cast of improvisers from Chicago’s renowned Second City and IO Theatres and from the ‘FA’ The Free Association of London.

Improv Theatre as we know it today, perhaps you might remember ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ which is known as “short form improv”, was started in the United States by The Compass Players at The University of Chicago. The League of Improv will be performing what is known as “long form improv". The improvisers will create two half hour shows, and one hour long show, which will be completely made up on the fly based on a simple one word suggestion from the audience.

Prepare to delve into a collection of tales teeming with captivating characters, intricate relationships, thrilling escapades, and amusing misfortunes. Each narrative unfolds before your eyes, destined to be witnessed only once, making it a unique and fleeting spectacle. Imagine the exhilaration of watching your beloved TV show, except it's a live performance, spontaneously concocted with boundless creativity, and devoid of pesky interruptions.

Tickets £12 - please click here to buy

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