A Curious Invitation Masked ball
London Month of the Dead
32 Londoners on the London Eye


A Curious Invitation is an Arts Events company founded by Suzette Field. Suzette’s career began in 2000 as a founder of The Modern Times Club, which Tatler dubbed “the Rolls Royce of cabaret”. In 2007 she brought her expertise to the Last Tuesday Society and helped expand it from organizing tea parties to being one of London’s premier promoters. As A Curious Invitation, her portfolio now includes an array of unusual ventures from London Month of the Dead, a series of death salons in the “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries, masked balls for up to 3,000 guests, talks with the National Trust and one of the most ambitious literary and historical events yet held in the capital, 32 Londoners on the London Eye.

Press logos re A Curious Invitation

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