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Bowie's Books at the Century Club


BOWIE'S BOOKS: The Literary Heroes who Changed David Bowie's Life
with John O’Connell at the Century Club - Soho W1

Tuesday 27th September 2022
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Talk commences at 7:00 pm

Three years before he died, David Bowie made a list of the one hundred books that had transformed his life – a list that formed something akin to an autobiography. From Madame Bovary to A Clockwork Orange, the Iliad to the Beano, these were the publications that had fuelled his creativity and shaped who he was.

In 2019, author John O'Connell investigated and analysed this list in the form of one hundred short essays, each offering a perspective on the man, performer and creator that was Bowie, his work as an artist and the era in which he lived. O'Connell's book went on to become the Times Book of Year.

In this illustrated talk, O'Connell will discuss the list exploring the importance of reading to Bowie and showing how the star's favourite authors informed his songwriting and sense of himself as a performer in surprising, intriguing ways.

Tickets £12 - please click here to buy.

John O'Connell
John O’Connell is a former Senior Editor at Time Out and music columnist for The Face. He is now freelance, writing mainly for The Times and the Guardian. He interviewed David Bowie in New York in 2002.


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