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The late Captain Omen and his doomed crew invite you to dance in their deep sea domdaniel, courtesy of Son & Sons.

Dive deep down into Davy Jones's Locker where lies the foundered and be-barnacled hulk of the SS Lusatian. Here the drowned sailors will spin poetic yarns of voyages extraordinaires - shanghais, krakens and shipwrecks - and the eerie events that led to their own fateful demise. The spectre of Captain Omen himself will man the decks, DJing shanties, hornpipes and whaling tales. But beware the creatures of the deep - narwhals, selkies and cephalopods - who may invade the drowned dance floor and lock you in their viscous embrace.

Son & Sons Productions formed as an offshoot of Tax Deductible Theatre Company, to focus primarily on event production, festival curation and interactive entertainment.

Made up of a team of directors, producers, performers and designers they have individually worked for clients such as Nintendo, Lady Gaga, Serge Becker and Red Bull.