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A Curious Invitation Gallery

*Rite of Spring- The Great Masquerade Ball 2014

*32 Londoners on the London Eye

*Un Ballo in Maschera - The Carnival Masked Ball 2014

*The Valentine's Masked Ball of the Full Moon 2014

The Last Tuesday Society Gallery

*A Danse Macabre 2013

*Great May Masquerade 2013

*NYEE Masquerade Ball 2012

*Satan's Rout Halloween Ball 2012

*The New Year's Eve Eve Masked Ball 2011

*Dance Macabre Halloween Ball 2011

*New Year's Eve Eve Masked Ball 2010

*Danse Macabre Halloween Ball 2010

*The Great May Masked Ball 2010

*The New Year's Eve Eve Masked Ball 2009

*The Halloween and Masked Balls 2008