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YAZZ is a profesional dancer, teacher and artist based in Prague. She is part of the international music project Gadjo.cz and Electro Swing River where she shares the stage with some of Europe's best musicians and dancers.

Yazz has also won best Tribal solo performer in the International Competition in Berlin, Tanzakademie Cifuentes.
She is also part of the Circus Berlin show Charlie Chaplin Dream directed by legendary Horacio Cifuentes where she performs as Fatima.

Yazz was selected as a cast member for the Bellydance Evolution tour Alice In Wonderland for Prague - Czech Republic and Maribor - Slovenia.

Yazz has so far performed and taught at many international events in London, Berlin, Budapest, Helsinki, Bratislava, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Maribor, Split,  Liepzig, Hannover, Slazburg, Istanbul, Pushkar and many cities in Czech Republic.