A Winter Masked Ball in the Waterloo Vaults SE1
Saturday 30th November 2019 - 9:00 pm to 3 am

Early bird tickets on sale for a limited time only at £20 each or buy 5 or more and qualify for a group discount with tickets at £15 each

Descend, bold traveller, into the catacombs below Waterloo station where a labyrinth of legendary lands lost to space and time await you.

Enter THE SUNKEN CITY OF YS and the magnificent marble palace of King Gradlon the Great, cast forever beneath the waves by his sorceress daughter Dahut.

Brave the pertified forest on the Island of Caspak in the LAND THAT TIME FORGOT where primitive humanoids and other forgotten species roam.

Discover the nuclear bunker in K-25 plant in THE SECRET CITY OF THE A BOMB - a town which appears on no map and houses a terrible secret.

Visit the valley in the shadow of Mount Karakal where lies the Lamastery of SHANGRI-LA - an idyllic haven of peace, harmony and eternal youth.

Allow the wizened hag Gagool to entice you into the treasure room of KING SOLOMON’S MINES hewn into the living rock, filled with gold, diamonds, and ivory.

Lastly, voyage to the lost inner world of your own soul in THE MAGIC THEATRE where Harry Haller, Hermine and Pablo seek that other reality for which they long. For madmen only.

We extend to you a Curious Invitation to a Winter Masked Ball of the utmost magnificence with bands, DJs, cabaret and circus performers.

Full details and cast list for the Lost Worlds Winter Masked Ball 2019 at the Waterloo Vaults will be released in the run up to the ball...