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Troylus Searll is a lifelong obsessive of the waltz: that lewd Germanic peasant dance with its debased emphasis on physical intimacy which first repulsed then attracted the beau monde of Europe at the turn of the nineteenth century. This shameless, indecent whirligig in triple time has inspired countless classical compositions, from the stolidity of Strauss, the gaiety of Léhar, the opulence of Tchaikovsky, the jaunty effervescence of Robert Farnon and Leroy Anderson to the dark delirium of Prokofiev and Shostakovich. The Titanic sank to the strains of Archibald Joyce’s sentimental waltz Songe d’Automne.

Maestro Searll’s infatuation with the waltz - this triple trip across the ballroom with its Holy Trinity pulse - sadly led to his recent divorce when he was caught three-timing his wife.