theatre of blood halloween ball

son and sons at the theatre of blood


with TOOTLES & NIBS (formerly known as Son and Sons)

Tootles and Nibs invite you to climb the stairs to the organ loft for their recreation of the Inventor's Laboratory from Edward Scissorhands. Here his cunning contraptions churn out everything from biscuits to robots and even humans. Ask nicely and he may even treat you to a little Frankensteinian makeover. Just don't ask for hands..

Tootles and Nibs
Tootles & Nibs is a theatre company that refuses to grow up. With our secret recipe of hubbub, hullaballoo, and brouhaha we create adventures, games, mysteries, stories, dreams, and treasure hunts.

Made up of a team of directors, producers, performers and designers they have individually worked for clients such as Nintendo, Lady Gaga, Serge Becker and Red Bull.