After a long pause in 2020, A Curious Invitation is now getting back to the business of creating weird and wonderful events despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. To address these risks, we would like to reassure you that our main priority is to safegaurd the health and lives of our visitors, speakers and performers.

For this reason, we will always act in accordance with government guidance on running events safely during coronavirus to ensure we’re Covid secure.

Measures we’ve introduced for all A Curious Invitation events:

- All party nights have been cancelled until it is deemed safe to hold such events agin.

-All talks will now be held online. A few talks scheduled in March 2020 were postponed and many of our ticketholders kindly agreed to hold onto the tickets until the rescheduled date is announced. Please note it is our main priority to re-schedule these talks as a live event as soon as it is regarded as safe to do so.

- We’ve reduced the visitor numbers on all our outdoor walks.

- Sadly, tours including visits to any small interior spaces such as the bone archive and the crypt at St Bride’s will not be included in the London Month Of The Dead schedule this year.

- Visitors of the Highgate mausolea tour, will be asked to enter the mausolea one at a time or with another person from the same household if they are attending with one.

- The candlelit cemetery concerts will always be limited to the maximum gathering number permitted by the government at the time. The performers will be placed on the portico of the chapel and the audience seating will be outdoors in the cemetery with adequate social distancing in place.

- Hand sanitiser will be provided at the walks and cemetery concerts.


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