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Sign uop to our newsletterA Curious Invitation is a new venture from Suzette Field, formally of the Last Tuesday Society. Bringing parties, lectures, workshops and more in London and beyond.Follow us on TwitterFollow us on FacebookPintrest
January 1901

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A Curious Invitation THE BOOK by Suzette Field The forty greatest parties in literature Hex your Ex Voodoo dolls
Butterfly setting and preservation with Lue Cuttiford - Insect taxidermy
anthropomorpic taxidermy - workshops, DIY craft kits and how-to books
How to Live forever with Dr. Aubrey De Grey at The Cafe Royal, Regent Street, London, Tuesday 16th September 2014
London Month of the Dead. A series of talks on death held in the gothic cemeteries of London throught the Halloween season October 2014

black and white ball - the Monochrome Masked Ball, Saturday 4th October 2014, Conway Hall, London
Satan's Rout The Halloween Party - A masquerade ball. Friday 31st October 2014 at The Coronet theatre
Day of the Dead Ball, Saturday 1st November 2014
A Curious Invitation is a new venture from Suzette Field of the Last Tuesday Society.

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